PI Financial (US) Corp.

Business Continuity Plan


Disclosure Statement

PI Financial (US) Corp. (PI US) will follow PI Financial Corp.'s Business Continuity Plan (BCP). As such the plan includes guidelines for the crisis management (Executive) team to react effectively and quickly to ensure the safety of its employees and to invoke the BCP on behalf of both PI US and PI Financial Corp.. PI Financial Corp. and PI US intend on staying in business following a business disruption. The BCP is based on a worst-case scenario thus eliminating the postulation of lesser case disruptions. Key business dependent technology components have been co-located into a "hardened" back-up site. Essential business staff would relocate to the alternate back-up site. In the BCP, critical business processes have been defined by each of our Business Recovery team leaders, who are responsible for maintenance and overseeing the recovery process of the relevant department.

The Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is currently targeted at 24 hours or less for critical systems such as Trading, Institutional Sales, Operations, Credit, and Accounting. Other functions that will not have an immediate impact on ongoing business such as Corporate Finance and Compliance have a targeted RTO of 48 hours or less. Testing of the BCP concept, first documented in July 2004, takes place annually.


Key contacts in the case of significant business disruption:


D. Andrew Murray, CA

Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Phone #: 604-664-3665

Fax #: 604-664-2602

Contact Andrew Murray


Richard W. Thomas, B.Comm., LL.B.

President, Chief Compliance Officer

Phone #: 604-664-3617

Fax #: 604-664-2686

Contact Richard W. Thomas


The PI US website will also contain contact information and updates in an instance of a significant business disruption: www.pius.ca


PI Financial Corp.

In the case of a significant business disruption our clients may also contact PI US's parent, PI Financial Corp.. PI Financial Corp.'s BCP contact information is as follows:


Jean-Paul Bachellerie, CA

President, Chief Operating Officer

Phone #: 604-664-2717

Fax #: 604-664-3679

Website: www.pifinancialcorp.com

Contact Jean-Paul Bachellerie